Filip Dřímalka: The Future of No Work The mindset and skills that will help you succeed in the age of AI

Začátek: středa 10. dubna 2024, 10:00
Konec: středa 10. dubna 2024, 12:00
Místo konání: Vencovského aula
Kontaktní osoba: Martina Jiránková
Tagy: #ai #doktorandi #exchange #fmv #innovationweek #prednaska #studenti #zamestnanci

Learn about the best ideas behind the book Future of No Work, which became a best-seller in just three months and whose frameworks today serve as the basis for AI implementation programs in dozens of successful companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In the lecture, students will learn:

  • How AI will change the world of work and what impact this will have on business.
  • How to learn to recognize new opportunities and take advantage of them.
  • How to navigate the sea of new applications and deploy them in your work.
  • How to create dozens of virtual co-workers and let them work for you or instead of you.
  • How to design your work and life according to your own rules.

Filip Dřímalka

Digital and business innovation expert.

Founder of,, Digi Challenge.

Author of the books The future of no work and HOT: How to succeed in the digital world

FILIP DŘÍMALKA is an expert in digital innovation and its implementation in companies. He founded the projects Digiskills, Digitask, and Digi Challenge, which develop new skills for hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is the author of many innovations that now serve as the foundation for educational and development programs in significant Czech companies.

He wrote the first Czech book on digital transformation HOT: How to succeed in the digital world and the book The future of no work, which discusses the future of work in the era of artificial intelligence.

He hosts the HOTCAST - interviews with innovators and is the winner of the LIGS Awards for innovative projects in adult education.


Filip Dřímalka: The Future of No Work