Visit to Photo Exhibition: Catrinas around the World Visit to the “Catrinas around the World” Photo Exhibition in Na Kampě, Malá Strana

Začátek: středa 8. listopadu 2023, 12:30
Konec: středa 8. listopadu 2023, 13:30
Místo konání: Place: Na Kampě, Malá Strana Departure from VSE: 12:00, information center, NB entrance
Kontaktní osoba: Dr. Yadira Ixchel Martínez Pantoja
Tagy: #exchange #fmv #innovationweek

This photographic exhibition shows fashion, art, and photography of the Catrina, a symbol of the traditional Mexican celebration “The Day of the Dead.” This exhibition consists of a series of photographs of Czech models dressed as Catrinas, wearing clothing from the Mexican prestigious house Pineda Covalin, posing in different iconic places of Prague. This activity involves a brief explanation of the importance of the Day of the Dead for the Mexican culture followed by exploring the photo exhibition along with questions and answers.

This visit will be guided by Dr. Yadira Martínez Pantoja who teaches Business Cultures of the Latin American Nations.

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Visit to Photo Exhibition: Catrinas around the World