Creative Dock's AI Transformation Workshop – Shaping Future Business Adam Hanka, Head of Data at Creative Dock, President of Volt

Začátek: čtvrtek 9. listopadu 2023, 13:00
Konec: čtvrtek 9. listopadu 2023, 18:00
Místo konání: Creative Dock, Františka Křížka, Praha 7-Holešovice
Kontaktní osoba: Hana Blazkova
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Don't miss the upcoming "Innovation Week Spotlight" AI transformation workshop led by the leading AI expert Adam Hanka.

Creative Dock will host this interactive workshop where attendees will learn actionable strategies to implement AI and shape the future success of their business. The workshop will begin with Adam sharing invaluable insights on leveraging AI to boost efficiency, capitalize on new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

Then, the focus will shift to a practical hands-on session where participants will get first-hand experience interacting with and providing feedback to large language models like Claude or chat GPT4. Attendees will leave empowered with a strategic roadmap to drive transformative AI-powered growth, as well as practical knowledge from the hands-on demonstration.

Sign up now via CUFR to secure your spot in this exclusive workshop open to both home and international students. With Adam's extensive expertise and Creative Dock's record of spearheading innovation, this workshop provides tremendous value for entering the AI era. Seats are limited, so register today with CUFR to unlock your organization's full potential with AI.

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Creative Dock's AI Transformation Workshop – Shaping Future Business