Výroční konference FMV / FIR Annual Conference 2023 Sustainability in Finance: How to make decarbonisation happen?

Začátek: středa 18. října 2023, 15:00
Konec: středa 18. října 2023, 18:30
Místo konání: Restaurace AK VŠE (Akademický klub)
Kontaktní osoba: Jarolím Antal, Centrum evropských studií
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Faculty of International Relations (FIR) Prague University of Economics

invites you to the FIR Annual Conference 2023.  

Transformation of the economy towards a carbon-free is necessary. This will include a number of sectors including energy, mobility, and many others that obviously require a critical shift from traditional production and consumption. This crucial shift goes hand in hand with public and private financing. The volume will be enormous and the financial sector will play a crucial role in delivering the climate-neutral EU by 2050. The European Commission estimates that approximately €350 billion of additional investment is required in the energy system alone each year up to 2030 in order to meet the 55% emission reduction target.  Sustainable finance refers to investments that take ESG into consideration when making decisions about investment. Even though the EU has made a significant effort to offer the actors and stakeholders guidance that will bring sustainability to everyday life, some concerns remain.  

  • How can governments and policymakers assist in improving the market uptake of sustainability initiatives? 
  • Should state-owned or state-controlled enterprises be the first to adopt Taxonomy alignment and ‘transition finance’? 
  • Which sectors in Czechia still lack investments for a swift decarbonization and how can the government help? 

The FIR Annual Conference 2023 will discuss these questions. 

Join discussions with our distinguished speakers.

Výroční konference FMV / FIR Annual Conference 2023