Workshop with Laura Feleki from Merkle Decarbonization Game

Začátek: čtvrtek 30. března 2023, 13:00
Konec: čtvrtek 30. března 2023, 14:30
Místo konání: SB 227
Kontaktní osoba: doc. Ing. Václav Stříteský
Tagy: #English #englishprogrammes #exchange #innovationweek #marketing #studenti #sustainability #workshop

Decarbonization Game

Join the Decarbonization Game now and be the game changer! The Decarbonization Game is an UN Summit based on MIT simulator that will allow you to take a role as one of the stakeholders and negotiate to save our planet. You can choose to be Regulatory, Conventional Energy, Cleantech, Industry & Commerce, Land Agriculture Forestry, Environmentalist /NGO, or Developing country. You can propose an action or erase the action of a previous group, and then participate in the second round of group negotiations. Following that, you can see the final choice and the model's simulation of how many degrees of warming the group achieved.  

The Decarbonization game will be led by Laura Feleki.

Laura Feleki is a Digital Vision & Transformation Manager and Decarbonisation, Energy and Sustainability Expert at Merkle. Laura is having 20 years of industry experience, combining expertise in digital transformation with a wide range of strategic, innovative know-how. Specializing in sustainability, decarbonization, and the energy industry, Laura is passionate about business development, and digital transformation to improve operational excellence and achieve competitive advantage by thriving in new ways in all parts of the organization.