Excursion to Czech National Bank I. intended for students of the course 5EN853 Advanced Macroeconomics, (limited capacity)

Začátek: úterý 28. března 2023, 11:15
Konec: úterý 28. března 2023, 12:30
Místo konání: Czech National Bank
Kontaktní osoba: doc. Ing. Helena Chytilová, Ph.D., M.A.
Tagy: #CNB #innovationweek

Excursion to Czech National Bank for students of course 5EN853 of Faculty of Economics, (in case capacity is not full, students of the course 5EN403 can participate).

During excursion students will have an opportunity to meet up with member of Czech National Bank Board Mrs. Ing. Karina Kubelkova, Ph.D.

Exposition should provide students with overview of actual monetary policy of Czech National Bank and enrich their knowledge in area of monetary theory and policy with help of practical examples from the field.

Excursion to Czech National Bank I.