Workshop Master Brain Václav Strnadel, Azteka

Začátek: středa 29. března 2023, 09:30
Konec: středa 29. března 2023, 11:00
Místo konání: RB 211
Kontaktní osoba: Pavel Hnát
Tagy: #brain #exchange #fmv #innovationweek #softskills #workshop

Make full use of your brain power! In this workshop full of practical exercises, you will find out how our memory really works. How we create memories and why we forget. How to remember and learn anything you want. And here is a little spoiler alert: although our brain is an amazing organ, you will discover it cannot be always trusted…  

  • What do we remember and why do we forget?
  • Creating memories. Even the false ones.
  • Sensory, short- and long-term memory in practice
  • How to learn anything. I mean, anything.


Registration is already closed due to full capacity.

Workshop Master Brain