Writing a CV for the international job market Paul Venturo

Začátek: úterý 28. března 2023, 12:45
Konec: úterý 28. března 2023, 14:15
Místo konání: SB 309
Kontaktní osoba: Paul Venturo
Tagy: #cv #doktorandi #exchange #innovationweek #languages #prednaska #studenti #zivotopis

Writing a CV for the recent or upcoming university graduate can be an overwhelming experience, especially for someone with minimal working experience. In this talk, I will break down the parts of a CV, and give general advice on how to approach the composition of a CV. There are many variations and strategies on how to write a CV; however, based on my own practical experience of recruitment, as well as recent research on the subject, we can go through an approach that will give the audience some inspiration on how to put their own CV together. In this talk, I will look at common inquiries, such as design and format, length, useful vocabulary and structure, persuasive techniques, and other tips and tricks to get the attention of the recruiter or employer. 

Writing a CV for the international job market