En Route to EP Elections: New Beginnings, New Challenges IV. Cross-Chapter Workshop, European Horizons

Začátek: pondělí 25. března 2019, 17:00
Konec: pondělí 25. března 2019, 18:30
Místo konání: Akademický klub
Kontaktní osoba: European Horizons
Tagy: studenti

Join European Horizons for the Grand Finale of our IV. Cross-Chapter Workshop, titled En Route to EP Elections: New Beginnings, New Challenges, taking place on Monday, 25 March. The event will focus on the important topic of the upcoming European Elections, as we aim to encourage and broaden discussions related to this crucial moment of European integration – and we are proud to say that this endeavour is supported by the President of the European Parliament in the form of the European Parliament´s patronage.

As with our previous Cross-Chapter Workshops, we will be joined by members of other European Horizons chapters from Toulouse, Paderborn and Berlin. The Grand Finale will touch upon two important aspects of the upcoming elections – the rise of disinformation and foreign interference and its threat to the election process, and the struggle of small and large member states in the European Parliament.

Please note that in order to secure your place at the event, you need to register at bit.ly/EuHWS4

Rector’s Lounge in the Academic Club, University of Economics, Prague

We look forward to your participation!