Workshop: How do I choose a good journal wisely? Good practices in journal selection, bibliometric tools and indicators

Začátek: středa 2. listopadu 2022, 12:45
Konec: středa 2. listopadu 2022, 14:15
Místo konání: Počítačová studovna CIKS na Žižkově
Kontaktní osoba: Informační servis CIKS
Tagy: #innovationweek

This training aims to familiarize researchers, PhD students and undergraduates with good practices in journal selection, bibliometric tools and indicators to select and evaluate scientific journals. Participants will learn:

  • Principles of a smart journal choice
  • How to find the most relevant titles to read and publish 
  • How to learn more about scientific journals and their impact 
  • Useful tools and functions incorporated into Scopus and several ideas on how to use them

The training will include on-line workflow examples, and the participants are welcome to take an active part.

All participants will receive certificates of attendance.

Presenter: Paula Milewska, Customer Consultant, Elsevier

Paula.jpgPaula Milewska offers over 14 years of experience working in and with academic libraries in Poland as well as other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. A librarian by degree and training, she has worked as a librarian at the University of Lodz, the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz and the Medical University of Lodz and served as a board member and project manager for the Phenomenon Foundation. Her expertise is in training—knowing how best to package and present information so it’s relevant and actionable. Paula was awarded an undergraduate degree in Polish Philology and a master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Lodz and matriculated from the elite leader education program at the School for Leaders Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. Paula has been with Elsevier since 2019, first working as a freelance trainer and then assuming the role of Customer Consultant in 2021, both in support of customers in Central and Eastern Europe.