MICHAEL SONNTAG - Security & Legal Aspects of the WWW intensive course, 3 ECTS

Začátek: pondělí 30. května 2022
Konec: pondělí 30. května 2022
Místo konání: Žižkov Campus
Kontaktní osoba: prof. Ing. Petr Doucek, CSc.

Course in InSIS – 4SA535, classroom – Žižkov Campus
Date: 30 May – 3 June 2022 (8:00- 12:00 and 13:00-16:00)
the registration is open, capacity of the course is 30


Prof. M.Sonntag is a guest teacher, coming from the Johanned Kepler University Linz.



The aim of the course is to introduce current problems of security and privacy, especially regarding the web. How these can be solved through technological approaches, e.g. incident response techniques, system design/implementation, is discussed together with their legal and society limitations. Students will be introduced to the foundations of the topics through lectures. Based on this, current research and development are presented and discussed. Selected aspects of each topic will be covered through practical work and in demonstrations. Because of time-constraints, only some specialty areas will be covered in detail, while others will only be mentioned.