Cloud Computing: Principles a Technology (4IT482) mimosemestrální kurz

Začátek: pondělí 24. ledna 2022, 09:15
Konec: středa 26. ledna 2022, 16:00
Místo konání: SB 105
Kontaktní osoba: doc. George Feuerlicht

Cloud computing has emerged recently as the dominant approach for the implementation of information systems with many government and private organizations migrating their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. Most experts today recognize the benefits of cloud computing that include fast implementation, cost reduction and potential for rapid innovation. However, the fast rate of evolution of cloud technologies and the complexity of managing large-scale cloud environments represent a challenge for organizations making the transition into the cloud. This three-day course aims to provide the attendees with a balanced view of cloud computing covering the basic cloud concepts and terminology and discussing both the benefits and challenges of cloud adoption. The course includes demonstrations and practical hands-on exercises using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) services. The course will be taught by a guest professor from Australia, George Feuerlicht.