VŠE Talent Contest

Start: Thursday 21. Nov 2019, 19:00
End: Thursday 21. Nov 2019, 21:00
Place: University of Economics, Prague
Contact person: Development and Counselling Centre
Tags: studenti, veřejnost, zaměstnaci

The University of Economics, Prague all started in 2011. We decided to find the most talented students and give them an opportunity to show their skills in front of a big audience. The show received a hugely positive response and many people were surprised by how much talent there is among the students. Now it’s 2019 and VŠE TALENT coming around again.

You can participate if you are student, alumni, employee of our University. If you are a group, only 50 % of the group is required to be from VŠE. Exchange students are welcome too. 

VŠE Talent