RSSE: James Tremewan (IESEG School of Management) Norm-related beliefs and vaccination rates of nurses in France

Start: Thursday 14. Dec 2023, 12:45
End: Thursday 14. Dec 2023, 14:15
Place: RB 437
Contact person: Michaela Zemanová
Tags: #doktorandi #research #rsse #seminar #studenti #zamestnanci

It is our pleasure that James Tremewan (IESEG School of Management) will present on Thursday, December 14, 2023, at 12:45 in room RB437 about his research on the topic "Norm-related beliefs and vaccination rates of nurses in France".

Registration is not required and anyone who would like to attend is warmly invited.

ABSTRACT: Health authorities in France are concerned about low rates of influenza vaccination among nurses, which has implications for protection of vulnerable patients and absenteeism and presenteeism of healthcare professionals. We run a survey structured around the classification of norm-related beliefs of Bicchieri (2017) on professional nurses to identify correlates of vaccination decisions and identify potential ideas for future interventions to increase vaccination rates. Our results point toward interventions that give factual information about the protective value for patients, and strengthening the belief that other nurses are getting vaccinated, as being potentially effective in increasing vaccination rates among nurses. Factual information about side-effects and normative information about doctors are unrelated to nurses’ decisions to vaccinate in our sample, while highlighting the belief among the general population that nurses should get vaccinated may backfire.

BIO: James completed his PhD in Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics in 2011, and has since held positions at the University of Vienna, the University of Auckland, the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and IESEG School of Management in Lille. He specializes in laboratory experiments where he has investigated topics such as multilateral bargaining, group identity,  social norms, and belief elicitation. More recently he has employed surveys to study social norms in the context of various public policy issues. 

RSSE: James Tremewan (IESEG School of Management)