MIFA ENTRANCE EXAM 1st step - case study

Start: Thursday 2. May 2019
End: Wednesday 15. May 2019
Contact person: Alžběta Kožušníková
Tags: doktorandi, studenti, termíny, veřejnost, zaměstnaci

1st step: Study on a given topic

  1. You will be asked to write a study on a given topic from finance, accounting and economics. Topics for entrance exams are available here bellow.
  2. Timing: 2.- 15. 5 2019. On May 2nd you receive to your e-mail address the assignment of the study and detailed instructions. You will be expected to return the study by the latest on 15th May’s midnight, by e-mail to the official email address of MIFA: mifa@vse.cz