Free Market Road Show 2019

Start: Thursday 4. Apr 2019
End: Thursday 4. Apr 2019
Place: RB 101
Contact person: David Mazáček
Tags: doktorandi, studenti, termíny, veřejnost, zaměstnaci

Annual conference The Free Market Road Show will also take place in 2019. Come and engage with the at an international conference which is sponsored by CERGE-EI Foundation and the Institute of Strategic Investment at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, VSE, Prague.

Guest lecturers:

  • Pavel Telička (European parlament),
  • Miroslav Singer (Generali, former governor ČNB),
  • Miroslav Šlapák (GE Aviation),
  • Ondřej Vlček (Avast),
  • Lukáš Kovanda (Czech Fund),
  • Nick Harris (JTI),
  • Dan Mitchell (Centre for Freedom and Prosperity, USA),
  • Richard Zundritsch (Austrian Economic Center)
  • a more.

The international conference is held with the support of te dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting Mr. doc. Ladislav Mejzlík

More information here: official FMRS 2019 website

Free Market Road Show 2019