Presentation on sources and citation II

Start: Tuesday 28. Mar 2023, 12:30
End: Tuesday 28. Mar 2023, 14:30
Place: SB 108
Contact person: Veronika Brunerová
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VŠE Library prepares a workshop for ISM and EDA students, to repeat all rules on citations.

Students will have the possibility to check their ability to cite sources well. This seminar is recommended especially  for all students finishing their Master Thesis, but also students in the second semester should repeat all rules to be able to start writing their Thesis right and cite the sources correctly.

Workshop Reference Managers (Zotero, Mendeley)
The workshop usually takes 2 hours.
The first thirty minutes are intended for setting up the Eduroam (the school wifi) and installing the managers with optimal settings.
The rest of the lesson is aimed at practical work with the managers and MS Word.

Workshop Reference Managers
The course explains how to work with Zotero and Mendeley citation managers and apply the basic academic ethics requirements correctly.

Learning outcomes of the Workshop “Citation Managers”:
Students will be able to work independently with reference managers and create citations using them by the requirements of academic ethics.

Students will acquire the skills to:

1. Creating and correcting records in the citation manager.

2. Placing citations in MS Word.

3. Making references in MS Word.

Content of the “citation managers” module of the course:

1. Installation of the citation manager and necessary components.

2. Functions and purpose of citation managers.

3. Obtaining document records for citations.

a) Working with databases offered by the eResources portal of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

b) Working on the Internet.

c) Working with printed documents.

4. How to insert citations for existing sources into text (MS Word).

5. How to insert reference lists (MS Word).

Requirements: it is ideal to bring your own device (laptop, notebook, etc.) to the Workshop.

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Presentation on sources and citation II