Effective presentation and storytelling (workshops) Innovation Week

Start: Monday 31. October 2022, 15:00
End: Monday 31. October 2022, 17:00
Place: NB A, NB B
Contact person: Martina Jiránková
Tags: #English #innovationweek

2 parallel workshops following the lecture

Václav Strnadel, Azteka: Master Brain


Use the power of your brain! In this workshop full of practical exercises you will discover how our memory really works. How we create memories and why we forget. How to remember and learn anything you want. And here's a little spoiler: although our brain is an amazing organ, you'll discover that it can't always be trusted.

What do we remember and why do we forget? Making memories. Even false ones. Sensory, short-term and long-term memory in practice How to learn anything. I mean, anything.

Denis Zelenin, SAP Business Intelligence consultant


  • enterprise IT,
  • data and business applications,
  • How to present data effectively.
Effective presentation and storytelling (workshops)