Data storytelling (expert lecture) Innovation Week

Start: Monday 31. October 2022, 13:00
End: Monday 31. October 2022, 14:30
Place: Vencovského aula
Contact person: Martina Jiránková
Tags: #English #innovationweek

Václav Strnadel, Azteka

When Steve Jobs or Walt Disney spoke, everyone listened in amazement. Why? Because they spoke in stories. Learn how to do it, too. Whether you want to attract the attention of your audience, present complicated charts, motivate your team or shorten meetings, storytelling is the way to go.

A good story can evoke emotions. A great story will move people to action. Become a convincing storyteller and impress your clients, colleagues and managers.

  • Stories in business – the most powerful tool in communication
  • Ingredients of powerful stories
  • Visualizing complex data
  • Technical data and facts in storytelling
Data storytelling (expert lecture)