Capital Markets – International Theory and German Practice 1BP571 Non-semester specialized seminar „Capital Markets – International Theory and German Practice“

Start: Monday 1. Apr 2019
End: Thursday 4. Apr 2019
Place: SB 126
Contact person: Prof. Jiří Witzany
Tags: doktorandi, studenti

Presented in English by Prof. Dr. Klaus Röder (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor).

Students should understand the German capital market with respect to international research experiences.
Main topics:

  • Valuing Bonds + German Bond Market, Valuing Stocks + German Stock Market, Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk, Optimal Portfolio Choice and the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Expected outcomes and impact (e.g. on the professional development of the teaching staff members and on the competences of students at both institutions):

  • gaining teaching experience in an international context
  • strengthening of intercultural competence of all parties involved
  • students at host institution become accquainted with a wider rage of topics and gain an

International perspective on field of studies:

  • students of home institution will benefit from international experience of their teachers
  • improvement of teaching quality at both institutions