Opening of Filtermac Water Dispensers

Start: Monday 11. October 2021, 10:00
End: Monday 11. October 2021, 12:00
Place: VŠE - Jižní Město
Contact person: Department of Public Relations
Tags: filtermac, students

The campus in Žižkov and the dormitories in Jarov already have their water dispensers. It will now be possible to draw sparkling and still water in Jižní Město - on the dormitories and in the school premises. VŠE and Filtermac invite students and employees to the opening of three new vending machines:

  • VŠE Jižní Město - 10:00 am
  • Vltava Dormitory - 10:45 am
  • Blanice Dormitory - 11:30 am

VŠE has been offering an alternative to bottled water since August 2017. During that time, students and staff have helped save approximately 8.5 tons of plastics, hundreds of thousands of PET bottles. According to Filtermac, only users of the water dispenser in the Stará budova/Old Building save approximately 11,000 PET bottles every month (in the case of standard school operation).

The university also joined the project to reduce plastic waste by selling glass bottles. Ecological hand-blown water bottles with a stainless steel cap can be purchased at the Ekopress store on the ground floor of the SB.