Application deadline to ISM, EDA programs - round I

Start: Friday 28. Feb 2020
End: Friday 28. Feb 2020
Contact person: Veronika Brunerová

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics opened two application rounds for the English taught Masters:   

  1. December 2019 – February 2020
  2. March – April 2020

The first application round is recommended  for Visa-required students, that means for students from non-EU countries to have more time to finish and submit their Visa application to the Czech Republic.  According to our experiences the Visa procedure takes long  especially from these countries:  all African countries, India (and all countries nearby – Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh), Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Vietnam and some others.

Also in case you would like to apply for the Visegrad scholarship, submit your application to EDA or ISM program within the first application round.

Application deadline to ISM, EDA programs - round I